Saturday, September 8, 2007

RL and SL

Well, I have been a away from my blog too long. I think about writing very often. I just haven't had the time lately. My creator seems to think the Real Life should have a higher priority than Second Life. I disagree, but then I don't exist in Real Life so I am a bit biased.

My life has had some changes. The economy has effected my income. Tips are down, escorting has dropped off, I am spending more time Lillith and less time working. This isn't a complaint. It is just how things are for now. I just have to be more budget conscious.

Lillith and I are still crazy in love with each other. When she is online I just want to be with her. I figure I can work when she isn't on line. Sometimes just laying in her arms and talking is heaven to me. Sometimes we make love until we fall asleep together. It has been 3 months since we met. I can no longer remember or imagine my life with out her in it.

We have added a beloved friend to our little family. She has the most wonderful name of Starlite Infinity. How we met is a wonderful story of SL serendipity. I was laying on the rug in Lillith's and my bedroom watching the slide show Lillith made us. My multigadget radar popped up Starlite Infinity's name being in the area. I was so intrigued by the name, I used camera mode to check out who she was. She was in chat range standing across the street so I said "Hello". She was looking at renting the tree house across the street. I could tell she was a newbie. I told her about Twilight and gave her a landmark. We chatted a bit then said goodnight and poof she was gone. I later found out she had rented the apartment next to me in Twilight. We started chatting more and became friends. She later moved to new place, I visited her there and she visited Lillith's and my home. As our friendship grew closer I introduced her to Lillith and we have all become very close friends. I look forward to when Supersub and Starlite can meet and hang out with Lillith and me.

There have been some wonderful changes in Twilight. The populations has grown, Brenda and Lazlo have built more apartments. Lazlo is building a magnificent Art Museum and Gallery. I guess I sort of inspired it. My friend Kerry sent a notice about her art show. I went to see her work. When I saw her photographs, I knew Lazlo would like them so I sent him a teleport. When came to the show he bought several her works. While he was looking at the other artists there, he decided to build an art museum. Well he did and it is beautiful. It is right next to the Cathedral that Lillith and I are going to be married in. If you haven't been to Twilight yet. you should go there.

All in all, Second Life has been good. I hope to see you there sometime.

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