Saturday, September 15, 2007

Equal Opportunity, Second Life flattens the playing field

I have been talking and thinking about first life class or caste systems and how they don't really apply in Second Life. Unless you tell someone, Nobody knows your race, religion, gender, health, income and age in Second Life.

Everyone arrives in Second Life the same way. People who have a mediocre first life can have a flamboyant Second Life. One could have several alternate Avatars and experience different aspects of life that are impossible in their first life.

It is up to you to be the person you want to be. I know of several people who have confessed to having a lonely and uneventful first life but are very popular and respected in Second Life. Some people develop their artistic talents or learn to build in Second Life. Others learn to socialize.

I have female friends in Second Life that are male in their first life. It has been a wonderful learning experience for them. Everyone of the has confessed to me that they had know idea what dicks guys could be. They have become more sensitive to the needs and feeling of women in there first life.

On the other hand, women who come to Second Life have total freedom here. We can look however we choose, We can dance, party, take lovers, create drama and walk away if we want. We can build, teach, own business and own property. As long as you never give out any first life information, it is totally safe environment. I have explored places and had experiences I would dream of in my first life.

The real point of all this is that when you come to Second Life you are accepted as a fellow avatar and it us up to you to become what you want to be. There are hundreds of free classes you can take. Most people in Second Life will try to be helpful if you politely ask questions. Remember, nobody knows who you are in you first life so you have no reason to be embarrassed to ask any question you want.

Go have fun, explore, learn and be somebody.


Anonymous said...

I concur with you Galen, but interestingly enough, RL police in Belgium are investigating a SL rape. Bren

Galen said...

Wow!!! I appreciate your input. I will look this up and read about it. Thank you