Friday, September 26, 2008


Gypsy Razor is definitely unique. If you know her you would understand the irony in that statement. I am lucky enough to have met her and even get to call her my friend. She hasn't had an easy life in RL but she keeps going. She and her cadre of friends, personalities and avatars would often fill the Jaded Strumpet with stories, ideas and opinions. Some times she may seem hard on the outside because she has had to be to be to survive. She never asks for anything and because of that she is especial appreciative when someone gives her something as simple as a "Hi, Gypsy" in IM. On the other hand if she thought you needed it, she would give you the shirt of her back.

I don't know if Gypsy really knows how much she means to so many of us here in Second Life. She touches the hearts of almost anyone she meets in Second Life who takes the time to know her. Maybe she knows now that she has seen the out pouring of wonderful words from her Strumpets

She has a wonderful imagination and very creative skills. When I used to log on to Second Life and look for where to work for the night. I headed first for Breathe to see if Gypsy was there. I had so much fun dancing with Gypsy hearing her stories and sharing ideas. We don't always agree but we always respect each other. I am excited to find out what Gypsy's next thing will be. I know it will be great. Like it or not Gypsy, you are loved.

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