Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jaded Strumpet

It isn't easy to talk about the loss of the Jaded Strumpet. I totally understand why Gypsy had to let it go. I am not going to waste my time expressing the sense of loss we are all feeling. Gypsy did what she had to for her own survival. Gypsy is still around as are all my fellow strumpets. Many strumpets had already moved on to other things anyway. I figure the first life economy is taking its toll on the Second Life economy. Jaded Strumpet was just one of the casualties.

There is a memorial growing there as shown in the picture above. I think it is really a place we are all expressing our gratitude to Gypsy for the wonderful gift she gave us all with The Jaded Strumpet. I know Gypsy will complain and moan at the L word, but she is loved by many in Second Life.

Now lets talk about how wonderful Strumpet was. I have a couple photos on how it was. Maybe Gypsy can give me some more to post or put up a flickr page.

The photo above is one that Gypsy took and the one below is one that Yukio took. I spent many happy hours dancing at the Jaded Strumpet.

The Strumpet brought me some wonderful friends and lovers. It also paid my rent. My friend and land lord Lazlo Yoshikawa used to say he liked it because it was like going to your neighborhood pub. A place to hang out with friends. I think it was a lot like that. Even the customers were friends and we all could teased each other and had fun while making a living in Second Life. I was away form Second Life a lot but every time I came back Strumpet was my first stop. I work three or four clubs sometimes but if Gypsy was on I went to Strumpet even if Gypsy was the only one there. I figured we could bring customers and keep them happy. We all did very well and had fun. My best friends now all came from strumpet or worked there with me. I hope some of you will share some Strumpet stories in the comments. I will also add more later. I was going to write about Gypsy but I decided I will do a separate post just for her.


Phiona said...

The Jaded Strumpet

There is so much to say about this place, the people, My Family.
Although the Strumpet was my second second job in SL, it was the beginning of my first REAL profession. If thats what you can call it. That side of my life , has slowly dwindled down, to a whisp of smoke, from a flame that once burned bright.

Aside, from the work side of the Strumpet, and My SL, The Strumpet was home. I spent many many days and nights there, aside some people that will FOREVER be known as my family.

Gypsy- The heart and soul of the Strumpet, and a beautiful person. No matter what G thinks, Sometimes even in her spastic times, she is the glue that keeps me together. Many nights we ranted and raved about stupid people, stupid situations, and she even listened to me complain about everything and anything going on in my rl. No matter WHAT we complained about, she knew and knows that i am around when she needs me, no matter what the occasion, time, or situation. I love you Gypsy, and ALWAYS will.

Galen- I don't know what I can say. The Strumpet is where I met this beautiful woman that we all know and love. The first day I saw her my heart melted, beautiful absolutely beautiful. We've had our times, good and bad, been together.. split up, But she will ALWAYS know she has my heart. I love Galen more than i can explain... She is, and will forever be a huge part of my SL.

Padraigh-A favorite customer, client, BEST FRIEND. He started out as a customer, someone on saw daily and bullshitted with, and grew into SO much more. I honestly wouldnt' get through a day without this man. He's one of the closest people i've got from SL, and always knows how to fix me when i'm broken.. I love you Pad!!!

Kerry- One of the sweetest people you will ever know. One of the first people I met at the Strumpet, and always one that makes me smile. Through troubles and trials, happy and sad, I know if i was really in need, that she would be there. Love you kerry!!!

Colleen-COLL!!!! You make me giggle, you make me smile. An amazng lady, that is organized, gorgeous, and packs a HUGE punch!!!!We share so many different ventures in SL, and still get to see each other a good bit.. YAY!!! She will always be around in my SL .. THANK GOODNESS!

There are so many more that I should list, and Will eventually, or will atleast send a personal note to.

The Strumpet led me to a HUGE family, and so many happy memories. I love you ALL, and will NEVER forget what the Strumpet family has meant to me..


Lazlo said...

It is true, Jaded Strumpet was like a neighborhood pub to hang with your friends with the addition of beautiful ladies dancing, Great conversations, great friends and of course it was all Gypsy that made it happen.


colleen said...

The Jaded Strumpet was home and will always be home in my heart, but more then that I met my very best friend there :).
The Strumpets were something to behold each one unique and special in their own ways. There were some truly good times there...awesome times.
Bonds formed and relationships grew and I'd not trade one moment of the dance with any of you ever !
I learned so much there , laffs good and bad .
Ms Gypsy gave me chances no one else did and was there when I fell and there cheering weather I fell or not!
We made an awesome team!
The Jaded Strumpet wasnt just my home but Lonnie's too. His very 1st ever SL gig and man what a really fun night that was! Bastille Day party unforgetable.
Im a Jaded strumpet the place lives in my heart. *smile*

Kerry said...

Everybody's said it better than I could...thanks Galen (for your tribute and for introducing me to Gypsy and Strumpet in the first place). Jaded Strumpet was my home away from home, neighborhood bar, and therapy center. Gypsy, you already have my private thanks for all you've done for me. Here I'll just say you and Strumpet made my Second Life far more rewarding than it was before. I knew I could always find something outrageous going on...or at the least a good conversation about just about anything. You got me out of my dowdy clothes, taught me how to emote a bit more convincingly wild, made my loving partner Laz feel welcome, introduced me to some fine new friends (Phi, Colleen, Des, Siren, and how could I forget Nicci and Toni?), and helped me through some rough patches. Don't know where I'd be without all those hours of high-octane wildness. Strumpet is now in our hearts and memories and (Second) life keeps running on with who knows what wonderful outcomes...