Sunday, October 14, 2007

Always new things to understand in SL

I meet so many people in my occupation as Stripper. I really enjoy meeting people and learning new things about Second life. I also learn a lot about people. To say people are very complex would be a huge understatement. Second Live give so much room to express what we may or may not know about ourselves. Me for example really didn't surface until my creator opened up my SL account an let me loose. Others discover things about themselves as they discover things about other people. I think there is a lot more going on in SL than just a role playing game. People are acting out things that they carry back to their first life.

I have met some wonderful people on Second Life many become friends, some are clients and some friends become lovers that Lillith and I share our time with. Each person is a complex piece of a bigger picture. It grows out from the avatar to their creator or handler. The creator may be me more than one avatar if they have Alts. The creator is a part of a family or community in "real" world. Connect through that network to a town, city, county, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, energy and back again to the energy in the act of creation.

Some how, we know when we meet some well formed pixels in Second Life there is something more there beyond the visuals and text. Something flowing through the the universe outside the network. Something that says I want to know this person. I don't mean the creator behind that person but this manifestation of something in consciousness of the that creator. This is all part of a puzzle made up of billions of pieces. It is so vast when you try to step back far enough to see it you end up in another universe.

I think Second Life creates a model that allows us to see more facets of the human psyche. Some of it is amazing and beautiful some of it is quite terrifying. I think is is better to be acted out here where it is somewhat harmless. It is when it is carried back to ones first life that it could create real problems or real benefits.

This was going to be a preface to a discussion about someone I met in SL. It seems to have taken its own path. I think I will just create a new post about her.

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