Friday, October 19, 2007

Wow!!!! Three Months!!!

Lillith and I have been together for more than three months now and it only seems to get better. I know three months doesn't seem like much in a first life relationship but Second Life it so time compressed it is much longer here. We have had all the usual challenges that new relationships will have but we are good at talking about what we are feeling. We just know we love each other and work through anything that comes up. We make sure we are always open and honest to each other. We know Second Life is a different world than First Life so relationships are different. As long as we share with each other and know that our hearts are forever bound to each other, we have only grown stronger in our love. We have still managed to enjoy SL while managing our SL careers and stay madly in-love with each other.

I could go on and on and on about how happy and in-love Lillith and I are but it would bore and irritate most of you. I just wanted to make a statement about our 3 month milestone.

I also know couples in SL that have been married a year and are still going strong. So, even if you have no interest in a relationship in SL, don't be surprised if one day you are knocked off you feet by someone when you least expect it. It is a rabbit hole well worth jumping into and the ride is heavenly.

I love you, Lillith DeVaux.

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