Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Losing My SL Virginity Part Two

It has been so long since I wrote about about my history in Second Life, I have to go back and read my old posts. OMG, how could I forget? It was about losing virginity. I still owe you all part two.

My first sexual encounter with a male avatar happened totally as an accident. It is actually a very funny story as look back on it. I had Lillith laughing her ass off when I told it to her. At the time it was significant and almost traumatic but I do find if very funny now. Never underestimate how naive we are as newbies.

When I was looking for work as a dancer and still camping to make money. I used go up to Flashbacks Strip Club above the lounge when was empty to practice on the dance poles. I think they even had a couple that paid out Lindens.

There was a sports car in the corner with a dance pole on the hood. I thought that would be fun so I clicked on it to try it out. It asked permission to animate my avatar. This was new to me and I clicked on "Yes" and started dancing. The club was empty and dark with out a single other avatar on the map.

I had been dancing for about twenty minutes when I noticed a green dot on the map not far from me. I looked around feeling a bit of panic and embarrassment. I could see a guy standing in the corner watching me. My first reaction was to stand up and teleport out of there but when but I missed the stand up button and clicked on the car which put my avatar into a very suggestive and invitational pose. This guy took it as an invitation and next think I knew, we were going at it. He must have taken over the menu because we kept shift positions and he had me me all over that car, on the hood, on the boot, in the seats and behind the car. It was all over in minutes. We never took our clothes off and I don't think he even had a penis. (maybe it doesn't count then?) but it was amazingly exciting.

I have no idea who he was but it was that experience that started me thinking about becoming an escort. It seemed fairly harmless but exciting. I also wanted to make sure I was in control from that point on. The best escorts are always in control of the experience even if the client thinks otherwise.

I thought it was interesting that the last pose in series left me standing with my back to the car and the guy with my arms crossed in a pouting sort of way. That was when he poofed away. It was an ironic end of a Second Life changing experience.


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