Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!!

It is my first new year. I don't know if there will be parties or Second Life will be empty because everybody is partying in their first life. I am not sure if I will be on.

Still no word on Lillith. I had hoped someone who knows her in RL would have sent me a message by now. I haven't seen much of our Second Life family lately. Supersub has found a new place so I am going to let the house go. It is way to big for me. I will move into the one I got for Lillith and I after our wedding. I hope Lillith will be happy there when she returns.

My friend Kerry is off SL while her handler is on vacation. Twilight is all green again and booming with changes. Brenda hasn't been on SL as much lately either. I did have a wonderful chat with her a couple nights ago. Lazlo's RL person has been sick with a cold but he has managed to be busy organizing Twilight. It is so beautiful all green again

I worked last night and made enough Lindens to pay my rent in Purrfect Droom and Twilight. I spent some time exploring Twilight when I paid my rent. It is such a beautiful place. I met a woman named Rachaelight, who was making some beautiful visual effects in Twilight Sandbox. It is so nice that Brenda and Laz have created a place to encourage artists and builders. I wish I had some talent I could direct that way.

I loaned Lazlo Lillith's art work, I was afraid it might be too erotic for him to put up in the Twilight Art Museum but he created a little section just for her. If you get a chance you should go to the Twilight Art Museum and Gallery to see them. I hope she doesn't mind. She is just too talented to not share. I am sorry they aren't for sale. Maybe she will sell copies of them when she comes back. It will be up to her.

My Creator flies back to the East Coast after New Years. I hope that means I will be on Second Life more. I really miss so many of my friends. I hope to see you in Second Life very soon.

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