Friday, December 21, 2007

Girls you know better!

I can't believe it is almost Christmas. I just realized I haven't posted a single blog this month. My creator hasn't given me much time on Second Life either. Finals, papers due and back in California with her parents for the Holidays. She sort of forgot about me. I have a few minutes while she is distracted to get a few words in.

First I want to let Lillith know, I miss her. I am still waiting for her to come back to Second Life. I am doing good but Second Life is incomplete with out her. I haven't given up hope that she will recover and return to me.

The second is more about relationships in Second Life. I haven't been on much but I do read the offline IMs from my friends and fellow working girls in Second Life. I am so happy for the new relationships developing. It tickles when I see true love after having felt it for myself. As for some of my fellow dancers who keep get their hearts broken, I have one very important statement that I have already told some of my dear friends. "If you met him watching you in a strip club, then assume he is going to cheat on you!!!" Do not look for a guy where you work. If you do and he cheats on you it is because he is a guy that goes to strip clubs and he thinks you are a bimbo. He is probably right if you keep doing it over and over again. If you are looking for a playmate then he may be what you want. Just don't expect to find true love that way. It is not impossible but you are more likely to get your heart broken that way.

If you are looking for love on Second Life, then you need to expand your experience to meet guys or gals in different environments. You can go to juke joints for dancing there are clubs for all different music some even have live music. You can also take classes on almost anything. There are hundreds of events you can go to and these are places you can meet people who may have similar interests to yours. There is nothing wrong with having fun with a playmate, just don't expect more than that. It breaks my heart watching people I love getting hurt over and over again when there are so many wonderful people in Second Life for you to meet.

I am sorry for the lecture, but it really breaks my heart watching people I love getting their hearts broken over and over again. One last point to to think about. "Love chooses you."


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