Monday, December 31, 2007


Wow!! My creator woke up out of breath this morning. I had some of her Dream Time last night. I dreamed I was with my beautiful Lillith. We were dancing at one of the clubs she used to take me to. It has been a long time since I last dreamed of her. We were slow dancing and talking it was as if she never left. I still miss her terribly.

I have been trying to do a bio on her for Lazlo to give out on a notecard at the exhibit of her work. I think that's why she is on my mind even more than usual. I am also feeling a lose having to give up the house she bought for us. I will send her a land mark to our new place in Purrfect Droom. I have never stopped believing that she will return. I have learned to put the feelings in safe package on a shelf in my heart. I will open it and surround here in my passion when she returns.

I guess that is how I have moved on. More like suspended what I can't do anything about. I miss my SL family also, Dear Starlite, SuperSub and Brit. I guess they have all moved on while I was out of commission dealing with Lillith's disappearance. I have made a few new friends and even found another job. Second Life doesn't sit still neither can I. What won't change is that Lillith is my partner and if she still wants me when she comes back we will get married as soon as we can.

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