Friday, January 25, 2008

Almost home

My creator is home and I will be back on Second Life soon. I have had time to think about what is important and what is not. That sounds silly coming from an avatar of pixels but the fact is; I am not real and I never will be.

That makes things a lot easier as far as Lillith and Imogene go. They are both real and together in RL. Imogene makes Lillith happy in both places. I know I can please her here sometimes but I am not there in RL where she needs someone the most. I can be what ever she wants or needs me to be in Second Life. If she still wants me then I will be there for her. If she needs me to give her back her freedom to partner with Imogene I will do so with out the ego based emotions. I know it is the right thing to do.

I have had a couple of Emails or IMs from Lazlo and Kerry. They seem to be doing great. I have been teasing Kerry about her being my mom now that she is SL married to Lazlo. (I am not sure if there are step-moms in SL) I told her we could be mother daughter stripper team on the double pole at the clubs we works at. I am sure that left her rolling on the floor. I can imagine Lazlo domesticated but imagining Kerry that way makes me giggle. I think they are a good match and they are both very happy. I love them both so much.

I had nice Yahoo IMs with Brenda. She has become a much closer friend to me. I think she has a lot on her mind and I am sure the transitions she is going through aren't easy. All things considered, I should know. I think she is one of the most loved and respected Avies in Second Life. Every student that ever started Second Life in her newbie class adores her. She is one of those true teachers. I know she will get through her challenges. I hope she can always feel how much love there is for her in Second Life and especially in Twilight.

I will be back in Second Life soon. I know there are changes in store for me. I may not be on as often. School is demanding more time for my creator. Once I know what Lillith and Imogene expect from me, (if anything) I will be back on stage and making you feel good. That is really what makes me happy, making you feel good. Until next time, remember to have fun.

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