Friday, January 18, 2008

Galen hits the road.

My creator is driving back to school cross country in her new car. I guess that means a road trip for Galen. I may not be on SL but I seem to get sneak to life in conscious thoughts as she zones out to the music and the miles.

I have had a few offline messages with some of my SL friends. Others are either too busy to answer or haven't received the couple I have left for them. I am learning what real friends are in SL.

Brenda has become a pretty close friend. We have had some great IMs. Lazlo and Kerry partnered up and are incredibly happy. It really lifts my heart to see that. I miss then both. They were both so cynical about SL partners it serves the right to fall in love with each other. I really miss dancing on the double dance pole with Kerry. She tells me that being Laz's partner won't change that. (Thank you for being so understanding, Laz). I wish I had been able to see Starlite and Gwen they both have such a special place in my heart and mean so much to me. I have always wanted to spend more time with each of them. Of course my wonderful Lillith is so caught up in her much deserved bliss to have time to respond. I will be back, I miss you.

I am learning to dissolve the ache and let it just pass through when I feel it coming. I may be only pixels but all the feelings and emotions are real. My creator may complain but she needs to feel. As for you folks that think SL is just a game, maybe you should go back to World of Warcraft. ;)

I get to read email and post my blogs at the cyber cafes, (Mostly Starbucks) Sometimes we will be lucky enough to have Internet in our motel room. I will sneak on and say high to all my loved ones. I have some very wonderful and special friends. I really appreciate you. I know you love me and what happened is nobodies fault. I better go for now. My creators breakfast has arrived and she is getting grumpy.

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