Monday, January 28, 2008

I am back.

Hi everybody. I am back on the pole and dancing for you you. You can come on down to Breathe or Hard Core to see me. I made it across the country and through the painful trials of romance and loss. I don't give up. I just took the hit and tumbled acoss the ground and got back on my feet to try again.

So Lillith and Imogene are happy together in RL and SL. I am alive and ready for my next adventure in Second Life. I have no regrets. We have some wonderful memories that we share. I love Lillith and always will. I know she will always love me. Imogene can give her more than I ever can and that is where she belongs. Our partnership is dissolved and I am on my own again. This changes nothing as far as what I have said about romance and love in SL. It was worth the risk and the pain. Lillith made me feel wonderful and wouldn't give that up for anything.

I may be just pixels but my feelings are real. SL is a wonderful place to discover and learn and even take some of it back to RL with you. I have a big friends list and they aren't all clients. I know I have been away for awhile but I am back. I am ready for work and play both of which give me pleasure. As for my heart, it is back too. It won't be so easily arrested from me again. I will be there for you dear friends and lovers, I will even love you dearly but my heart will remain mine for now.

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Adriane Grant said...

Hugs Galen
Taking chances are worth the risk of hurt. Overcoming this is what life is. I admire your strength and courage. I admire your positive light.