Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Adriane is a very special friend. She has a wonderful heart. I love her sense of humor and her sweet helpful nature. She has a beauty that glows from inside her. She is the heart of twilight, a true princess. She is an artist. not just a painter artist but the kind of artist that is an artist in how she perceives the world. We have a mutual friend that once told me that Adriane is poetry manifest in human form. I understood the moment he said it.

My first contact with Adriane was when I bought a bean bag chair and cuddle rug from her little shop in Twilight. One of them didn't deliver so I IMd her. She was so sweet and concerned about it. She sent it to me right away.

I remember the first time, I really met Adriane. It was up in sky at the Twilight Sandbox. To unwind after working at a club I often fly or walk around Twilight looking at what is new or what has changed. I bumped into Adriane working away on a sculpture at 2 or 3 am. It was the first time I had seen an Animation Override pose for avatars. I was in awe of her. I just wanted to stand there and watch her work. I was shy at the time to ask. I just talked to her for a few minutes. I have no idea what she thought of me. I am sure she was at least amused buy the newbie I was at the time. I have gotten to know her better over time. She has wonderful blog I will put a link on this blog.

One of the many talents Adriane has is Photography, I asked her to do the photos for my Profile and business notecards. I totally trust her so I just made and appointment and put myself in her hands. I was very happy with the results. I am looking forward to making more photos with her. She will also be taking some photos of Lillith and me

Adriane is truly one of my favorite people in SL. She is the wonderful princess of Twilight. She is partly why I keep my apartment in Twilight. I always want to have connection that makes me feel like I belong in Twilight. Even though, I know that if I gave up my apartment they would all still treat me like an Eccentric and welcome me as resident anyway.

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Adriane Grant said...

Galen, that was such a wonderful post to read. I am so flattered that you think of me as one of your favorite people in Secondlife. I do remember meeting you and how thrilled I was that someone bought something I actually made. It was the first thing someone has ever bought from me and I wanted to be sure that you got it. You are intelligent and kind. Your graciousness and beauty exudes from inside and out and I am pleased to know such a familiar soul Thank you for those kind words and above all else, thank you for your friendship. *hugs Adriane