Monday, July 23, 2007


Lazlo Yoshikawa was the person that introduced me to SL. Therefore, it makes sense that he is the first friend I post about. (Except for my sexy neko girl friend, Lillith.) He must be the sweetest man I ever met. He truly cares about everybody and everything. I don't know how he does it.

Lazlo, Sent me an Email me to tell me about SL saying it was a place of infinite adventure. I have always trusted his judgement so I went to the website and signed up and Galen Heron was born, I guess that might make Lazlo my SL dad. Hehe, I wonder what he will think of that, if he reads this.

Lazlo is a developer, builder, poet, musician, computer geek and sweetheart. If you ever want a custom built house he would be my recommendation. If you feeling down and need someone to listen to you he would be good at that too. He is about the best male friend a woman could have. No matter what I have asked of him he has always been there for me and he has never asked for anything in return. When I offer he always says something like. "Your smile is all the reward I could ask for." I know it is kind of mushy but he is really like that. I have known him for a long time. I will always be grateful that he introduced me to SL If you ever bump into him in SL take the time to say "hello" and ask him how he is doing. I bet he will say "Great, how about you?".


Lazlo said...

I am very glad to have such a sweet, happy and exciting SL daughter. Your kind words make me blush. Thank you

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