Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Brenda is a teacher, I don't know what she does for a living but I would be surprised if she isn't teaching. In fact, Brenda is a master teacher, wonderful person and a caring friend to pretty much any one she meets. I send every newbie I meet to her classes. That is how I met her, I took her newbie class. It is free (donations encouraged) and very relaxed. She has good advice and information. She leaves it an open format so you can ask questions about most anything in SL. She also has a very handy gift box that comes with the class. I think Brenda is an owner of Twilight, I believe she might have partners but we all look to here as the keystone that holds Twilight together. If Twilight were a monarchy Brenda would most definitely be the queen. I think she is reluctant to accept that title but I think we all look up to her with regards to Twilight.

Brenda is also a wonderful builder. She makes houses, jewelry and everything in between. There used to be cute little shops in the village of Twilight. She had the coolest stuff in her store. I hope she opens a store again there were things I wanted to buy.

I haven't really had much time to get to know Brenda, I included her in this part of the blog because her teaching and open helpful nature helped me get comfortable in SL and also helped me understand how I can help the other newbies I run across. I expect over time I will get to know her more.

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