Monday, July 23, 2007


Anais Atlantis is a woman, I met at Flashbacks Club Lounge. I used to go there to earn money camping dancing. I will always remember when I first saw Anais appear there. She isn't just another beautiful avatar. everything about her is beautiful and classy. The way she moves, the manor with which she chats. I know I had an instant crush on her. I think everyone in the lounge was smitten with her. I wanted to spend time to get to know her. Anais was kind enough to accept my offered friendship

I was so impressed with her, I wanted to learn everything I could from her. I new I was done with camping dancing, I was going to be a professional erotic dancer and an escort. I sent an instant message to Anais to ask for advice but I was such a newbie I only embarrassed myself. I felt so foolish that I never tried to talk to her again until I had become a successful as a dancer and escort.

I didn't actually run across Anais again until I posted an escort ad at Foxy Escorts. I was so focused on posting my ad up on the wall, that I didn't even notice Anais's ad until I backed away from the wall. It was next to mine four times the size of mine. Her picture was as beautiful as ever. When I read her info card and found that she was still as wonderful as I remembered her.

I finally contacted Anais to ask her permission to include a picture of her in this blog. She has been a very positive influence, as I grew my career in SL. I would think about the integrity, class and sophistication that Anais carried with her. I remembered the kindness she showed me and passed it on to every newbie that crossed my path and asked for help. I hope as time passes we may yet develop a wonderful friendship.


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