Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friends are a wonderful blessing.

Keeping it together isn't easy but so many wonderful friends in Second Life have helped me so much. Not knowing and missing Lillith so much is very hard on me but somewhere out there, Lillith and her creator have been fighting for her life and are recovering in a hospital. She is in my mind every moment. I am sending my heart and energy to Lillith night and day. I expect any and every moment to see her on line or find an offline Email message.

As I have tried to continue a relative "normal" Second Live, I have discovered how many wonderful friends Lillith an I have in SL, new and old. So many people are sending prayers and positive energy to Lillith and me. They help keep the positive images and feelings going. Lillith will have so many happy new and old friends to greet her when she returns.

Second Life is so amazing. impossible becomes possible here. I am so grateful for all the support you having given us. All our friends at Purrfect Droom, Twilight, Hard Core, Club H&G and especially our family, Supersub, Starlite and Brit. Thank you.

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