Friday, November 9, 2007


It is getting harder to go on Second Life. I miss Lillith so much, every day my heart stops as friends online loads the web page or I look at the Offline IMs in my Email. Has she been online? Has she sent a message to me? I know I have so many wonderful friends that I love dearly on Second Life, but Lillith is my Love. I ache for her even more when I am on line. I see photos on our slide show and her beautiful art work on the walls of our house. I need to hear from her, so bad.

I know you are probably growing tired of hearing about this. I am sorry I can't seem to think about anything else at the moment. I am struggling to keep afloat above the despair. Even if I can't handle being in world right now. I always log on before bed and sit on the couch to visualize cuddling with her and send an offline message of love and support to her.

Today and tomorrow always bring hope. If Lillith's friend who left me a message reads this please tell her I love her and miss her. Please let me know how she is doing via comment of Email.

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Anonymous said...

Galen you mean a lot to a lot of people; anything i can do to help you through your difficult time, just let me know. You are a dear friend, and i treasure you. Bren