Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank you,

I really mean thank you for your friendship, your support, your patience. I may never know what happened to Lillith or she may be back before I am done typing this but so many of you have been there for me, supporting me with your love and generosity, patient with my self centered preoccupation worrying about Lillith.

Lillith used to say we never worry about the sex we had with others because they only had our bodies an not our hearts. It so true, because where ever Lilith is she still has my heart. I will only get it back when she comes back. In the mean time. I do have my life and since Second Life is my only life I had better get busy recovering my depleted reserves and move forward. When Lillith recovers and returns I will still be here taking good care of her heart.

I really want to name all of you who have been so supportive but there are so many of you and I am afraid I might miss one and hurt someones feelings. You know who you are and when I see you in my friends list or logging on and off, or dancing with you at a club, know that I love you and am so grateful to you.

I may be small but I am tough enough to get through this. I think I will move into Purrfect Droom and leave the Lillith and My other house as is for now. I know it is expensive but to let it go feels like I have given up. I want Supersub, Brit and Starlite to feel free to uses it. You are part of our family and I think I am ready to come out and play with you too. I miss you. The apartment is such a good deal in Twilight I will keep it as part of my roots, it is really where I began to find my freedom in Second Life. Unless Kerry wants to rent it and Laz doesn't have another place to rent her. Twilight is a wonderful place to live. Laz and Brenda have wonderful visions for that place. I still like to fly around Twilight late at night to see what has changed.

It may take me a while to build my reserves up enough to furnish my new place. I had saved a lot of Lindens back when times were good for us dancers and escorts. Lillith and I had some great ideas, I will try to carry them out and when she comes back she will be pleased.

I mostly wanted to make the post to let you all know I am OK. I might not be able to say I am fine yet but I am OK, I will make it through this. I am very sorry for causing any of you to worry.

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