Friday, November 30, 2007

My First Christmas

Christmas in Purrfect Droom

Christmas in Twilight

The holiday season has arrived. My first in Second Life. My little Twilight apartment is has been turned to winter. I must remember to wear my furs when going outside. Brenda andLazlo have built a wonderful skating pond. Christmas Trees and snowmen have popped up every where. Christmas has bloomed.

Cat left me a beautiful Christmas tree for my home in Purrfect Droom.They have also added a skating rink and Christmas cheer all around the drum circle. I missed the last drum circle party. I really enjoy them. As soon as I get my reserves build up again, I will start furnishing my tropical paradise home. I doesn't take long to deplete once reserves when one stops working. So guys and gals who have picked up those notecards of mine send me an IM.

I have been messaging all my dear friends that I have neglected. I really hope to see you all very soon, somehwhere between my creators first life demands and my Second Life jobs. I miss those late night play times. Speaking of which. I think fall and winter is the time for romance in Second Life. As our first life gets dark and cold and drives us inside we look for companionship in Second Life. I am seeing some wonderful romances blossoming in Second Life. It is very uplifting to me. It gives me a sense of hope. You know who you are and it pleases me to see it.

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Adriane Grant said...

wonderful pictures Galen, may the holiday season lift your heart.