Saturday, February 23, 2008

Starlite, Twilight and new friends

I miss being on Second Life as much as I used to be. Second Life just seems to be getting better all the time. One my dearest sweet friends that I hadn't seen for months was on line. I think she has one of most beautiful names in Second Life, "Starlite Infinity" I think I wrote about how we met in a previous post. I have missed her and some of my other old friends a lot. We had an incredible time together. I think we both missed each other. I have included a picture of us dancing in the new club Lazlo built in Twilight. It is a very beautiful and romantic place, Thank you, Laz. It also has patio in the back you can dance on with a view of the ocean. I like being able to just walk over to the club from my house.

Lillith has been sick again and away from SL. I feel for Imogene. I love them both so much. Imogene and I have become much closer. We had a wonderful chat and cleared the air between us. I really feel we will be very close friends above and beyond our mutual love for Lillith. (I hope you know how lucky you are Lillith) Imogene left me an offline message to tell me Lillith had been online briefly.

I have made a couple of new friends other than the girls I dance with. (It seems every time I go to work I meet a new stripper.) Geoffrey has become a sweet friend and one of my favorite clients. He has a wonderful and excitingly open view of Second Life. Arianna is someone I met on one of my restless nights of exploration I may be pulling her into some new experiences.

Brenda and Adriane have talked about a girls night. It sounds like it will be fun if we can ever figure out when. I really like Brenda and Adriane they are both Twilight friends from what seems like a long ago time.. I look up to both of them and hope we get together soon..

I am so disappointed I am not on line as much these days. With so little time I feel pulled in too many directions. Since my lifestyle is totally funded from what I earn in world, I still need to work. So earning Lindens has to compete with my pleasure time.

Kerry and Lazlo seem to be adjusting to married life. Adjusting is a good word here. They seem to really love each other enough to find a balance between their old life and their new shared one. I love seeing how happy they are together. Second Life relationships are so fragile. It really gives me hope to see them making a go of it. .

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