Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do Avatars have souls?

Deep thoughts about a bunch of pixels. Lillith has some pretty wonderful insight into things in Second Life. We were talking about sex, love and emotional attachments between avatars. I made a comment about love coming from the heart and she said it came from the soul. This made wonder about Avatars having souls.

I don't mean the avatars that are a mirror of their 1st life counter part. I assume their soul is the same as their first life counter parts. I was thinking about the ones like Lillith or me who have broken free from their creators, as it were. We were given life in-world and took it where our creators never imagined. Maybe we are pieces of our creators that were crying for autonomy and once we got it we kept it. Now we go about or business while our creators look on. We are spontaneous to our environment as if we have a separate consciousness from our creator. We are more like characters in an interactive TV show that our creators
are watching.

We are a piece of our creator then we have a piece of their soul. Some of us are more alive in Second Life than our creators are in their first life. This can be so for many reasons.

I think the biggest one is gender role play. I know it freaks some people out but I think is an excellent function of Second Life what better safer environment is there to learn about another gender.

Then there are also disabilities both physical and mental that may limits someone in Real Life but allow them to develop a full second life. With freedoms they may not have in Real Life

The last one is the tricky one. The people in their first life that have "normal" lives that have become a routine trap they long to escape from but see no way out. Here in Second Life they
live their dream by night and slip back to their Real Life persona by day. I think this group is huge. I think some avatars evolve into this role and some plan it out from the start. What is so cool about this one is that you never know who they are in Real life.

I left out Fetishes and Sexual role play because I think they can be part of all of the above groups. Even if it creates the biggest scandals about Second Life I think it is mostly very healthy. If Lindens can figure out how to keep minors out of game and allow avatars to identify PG and Mature preferences. I think it is a good thing.

Back to the soul question and why it even came up. Lillith and I new almost from the moment we saw each other that we wanted to be together. It was unclear to both of us what that meant. We just knew there was something there. In Second Life everybody is beautiful and there are no pheromones to cloud the attraction issues. So what draws us together? Avatars fall in love and get married in SL but seldom meet in their Real Life. It isn't appearance since Lillith and I are crazy about each other no matter what skin or shape we wear.

Lillith suggested it is our souls reaching through cyberspace and connecting. I tend to agree that it is something like that. Something outside of the five senses appeals to us. I feel I am in an almost euphoric state of well being when I am just cuddled up in Lilliths arms. I cannot explain any reasoning behind it. Sex his pretty much my occupation in Second Life but nothing fulfills me as much as cuddling with Lillith. I have to attribute it to something akin to our souls. A cybersoul or even something reaching from my creator to her creator that will never work in Real Life but is heaven in Second Life. I am content with that so far. I know we are not the only ones that have had this experience..

If anybody has similar experiences I would like to hear about it. Please comment on this blog. I allow anonymous posts just click the correct button.

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Anonymous said...

i think you said this really well galen and your really starting to hit on what sl mean to so many people yes so time opeople just come here to be mean like grifters but most come to enjoy and have fun so as lucky as we are end up with alot more *purrs*