Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding bells and mushy stuff

Lillith was online last night, so we were dancing at Hard Core and things were were pretty normal. We IM'd seductive messages back and forth when it was slow. She was wearing a hot new outfit. After a bit Lillith had to take a break for a job interview at a new neko club. She came back to Hard Core afterwards and we danced for awhile. She excused herself to go set up a surprise for me at home. I waited anxiously for her teleport request home. I thought it was something new for the house. (Last time she had a surprise at the house; She had turned one whole wall of our bedroom into a giant slide show of the snapshots we have taken of ourselves together. I real love it.)

When she teleported me home she was waiting on a pose ball and asked me to take the other one. As soon as I did I knew what was happening. Lillith was going to ask me to marry her..... (I had thought about marriage in SL before and didn't think much of it. I actually thought it was stupid. I had been meaning to talk to Lillith about my feelings about marriage but it was too late, she was going to ask me.) .... She gave my my ring and asked me to marry her. I felt all the love we share between rush around and through us as I saw her kneeling in front me. With out a second thought I said. Yes! I know I said yes, because our lifestyle and occupations are such that we are often intimate with other people. I instantly realized that marrying Lillith is a statement of our love for each other. We may share our bodies with others but our hearts only belong to each other.

Second Life continues to expand and bring me new wonderful surprises. I really enjoy having Lillith to share them with me. I guess that is enough mushy stuff for now.

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