Thursday, August 9, 2007

Losing Virginity in SL (Sorry, no pictures)

I made another friend, through Lazlo. (She asked me not to use her name in my blog, so I will respect that.) She is about as conservative as I am open minded but we still became good friends. I used to drag her to Flashbacks with me to keep me company while camping. We would go exploring afterwords. We had lots of fun together. (She is almost never on SL anymore, I miss her.) I think she was reaching out of her comfort zone to explore things in SL she wouldn't dare try in her first life. She was a very straight married mother of three. We had some fun adventures.

One of those adventures turned out to be my first Second Life sexual experience. I can't remember which one of us discovered this store. It is a wonderful little shop called Essensual Designs that caters to lesbian pleasures and others. Knowing my friends back ground I was a bit worried about her reaction. While we wonders around the store checking out the merchandise we stumbled onto a couple of women completely naked go at it with with a couple of the demos. They were in room chatting about the pleasure they were sharing with each other. This was definitely getting me aroused and seemed to set off a passionate curiosity in my friend

The next think I knew, she and I were trying out pose balls all over the store with our clothes on. What I didn't know is that she was buying them too. Eventually she invited me back to her house to try them out. I was excited and amazed. I know she had never been with a woman I didn't think she would be interested. When I got to her house she had rezzed most every thing she bought, already. She was suddenly very nervous about it all. It move into an almost classic seduction. We were seducing each other. We cuddled and kissed fully dressed at first. It was getting me so excited. I had no idea that I could be so turned on by this virtual stimulation. I had to sneak off and get towel to put on my chair. My friend was getting into it. I good tell that even though she had always been straight she must have had fantasies about this.

Slowly we undressed for each other and moved from position to position. We had discovered amazing new pleasures together. I know she enjoyed it. We had a great time for a few weeks, we even went to some of the lesbian clubs and made some new friends expanding our pleasures.
I think it must have effected my friends first life. She just disappeared after a few weeks. I didn't know what happened. Then one day I logged on and she had given me all the toys and furniture she bought. Weeks went by with out a word from her. I was crushed and worried.
I asked Lazlo if he had heard from her. He told me that she had given him the land that they had bought together as business partners and that she had become afraid that her coworkers would find out about her life in SL and she wouldn't be on much anymore. I guess I understand, but I do miss her sometimes. I hope she is happy and has sweet memories of our time together.

If you ever read this my sweet memory. I want you to know how special you will always be to me.

Coming soon.. My first sexual experience with a male in SL.....


Anonymous said...

Oh, My dear sweet Galen, I am so sorry I left like that. My RL pressures were too great for me or maybe I am just too paranoid. I want you to know that I will always treasure the time we shared together. Thank for being discreet. You are a true and loyal friend.


Galen said...

Tears are running down my cheeks as I am writing these words. It pleases me to know you care enough to read my blog and let me know I wasn't the reason you left SL. They are happy memories and I hope you are finding what you need in your life now. Thank you for your comment my dear sweet friend. You are in my heart and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

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