Thursday, August 9, 2007

Looking for work

Camping wasn't bringing in enough money to do much. When you are only pixels and electrons in a vast computer cluster, it is very hard to get a credit card to buy Lindens with. I needed to make money. I looked at how money was made in Second Life and compared them with my skills in attributes. Since I wasn't a builder or an artist, I figured sales was out. I didn't have start up funds to open a casino or strip club.

Every so often I would get tips from both guys and girls when I was camping. It felt good to know I was pleasing someone just by dancing. I would see girls with dancer tags for Flashbacks. I love dancing. It is one of my most favorite things to do in Second Life. If I could make money dancing then it would be a perfect job. I just didn't know where to start. By then I had made enough money camping to have bought a shape, skin and hair. Pretty much what I am now. I couldn't afford to buy enough of a wardrobe yet.

I asked my friend Lazlo to loan me a $2000L. He just gave it to me with out saying a word or asking me why. I told him I would pay him back as soon as I could. He said that he new I would and said I could come to him anytime I need help while I was starting out. It is a good thing, I used to borrow from him like he as ATM for a while. I am proud to say I have paid back every linden. I even loaned him money once when he found a good deal on some land he wanted to buy.

I started asking dancers about finding work at clubs. It seemed no one was hiring or at least not hiring newbies. I just started searching for strip clubs and checking them out and applying for work. (I had been hired by clubs that never got off the ground.) I don't know where I learned about Club Fraeuleins but I wondered in there one night and filled out an application as I did in other clubs. I got an interview at Club Fraeuleins. I guess she was either desperate for dancers or she saw potential in me because Cheeto hired me. I was so excited that Cheeto gave me a chance. I really looked up to Cheeto, I still use what I learned from her as a dancer. She could be gruff at times but I know she cares about all of her dancers. This was a great experience and was making much more than I was camping. I learned a lot for Cheeto. She gave me a break and I did my best for her. Unfortunately the club closed and I haven't connect with her new club. I do IM her every so often but she hasn't responded. This was a beginning of one part of my Second Life career.


Adriane Grant said...

I enjoyed reading this post on how you started out work-wise in SL. When I was new I started out camping and quickly found that my appetite for things I wanted to buy were to big for 3L every 10 minutes. I did buy my first piece of furniture from camping earnings but I swore I would never sit on a camping chair again. I just thought that I was missing out on alot spending my time sitting on a camp chair.

Adriane Grant said...
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