Sunday, August 19, 2007

A New Addition

I have learned that nekos might bring home stray kitties. I was a bit taken back at first but if you give me enough time I can absorb and understand. I do know that Lillith loves me just as much as I lover her and if she says this kitty needs a home and she wants give here one with us, that is all I need to know. So Supersub is now our house kitty.

So, we have new member of our family and I am open to anything that pleases Lillith. I am not sure what all that means but I am open to discovering. Supersub is a very pretty kitten and a delicious girl sometimes. The first picture is of all three of us, Lillith and Supersub are Kitties and I think you can tell which one is me. The other picture was later when Supersub and I were getting to know each other. She had changed into her regular female skin. She pointed out that not all fashions go well with spotted skin. She is adorable and I am already growing fond of her. I look forward to us all sharing our time together. I will be learning about having a house kitty.

I think the three of us will have fun together and it will also be nice to have company when Lillith is not on in-world. This is a new adventure for all of us.

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