Sunday, August 5, 2007

Role Playing?

I am back to thinking about Second life being referred to as a role playing "game" (RPG). It is the word "game" that rubs many of us the wrong way. I might accept it as a role playing toy but I think it is more a role playing experience. (For those of you who haven't experienced Second Life, there is link to the website on this page)

I know many of you who haven't experienced Second Life or are very new will say, "But it isn't real". That, of course begs for a definition of real. I have had hours of IM discussions with my friend Lazlo about that definition. I agree with Lazlo's opinion about, perception becoming reality and our subconscious doesn't know the difference. I don't know how many of us heavy SL users dream about SL as much as we dream about RL. That is our subconscious talking.

I find the Second Life Experience to be a wonderful place for everyone to have a level playing field. We have the freedom to choose anything we want to be. You can be young or old. You can be free of disabilities. You can choose your gender, race or even species. You can start fresh and recreate yourself. I find that to be a wondrous freedom. This is the place for you to be what you may not be able to experience in your first life. Who knows, it might even make you a better person in your first life. SO, GO FOR IT!

I don't see anything wrong with you having a different persona in Second Life. You may have several with alternate avatars or even accounts. I don't really want to know about ones first life. It isn't that I don't care about them, it is, just for me, irrelevant. My experience is with your Second Life. I don't expect to meet you in your first life so it really doesn't matter who or what you are. My behavior towards you will only relate to your Second Life. I do care and would love to listen if you are having challenges in your first life or even doing something exciting and want to talk about it.

I let the post get too, long. I will close it. Please share your thoughts with me. I would like to hear them.