Sunday, August 5, 2007

Memoirs continue

OK where was I? Oh yeah, I was a wandering waif in a world beyond imagination. I was still in a newbie body with newbie clothes.

I needed to create myself but I had no money. Brenda's class had some good Land Marks for free stuff and even money trees. Yes money does grow on trees in Second Life. They are usually good for about a month after you are born. I also learned about camping. I know, I pictured tents, campfires and maybe a picnic table. This is an old gaming term for people who sit in one place and take shots at other players with out taking any risks. I Second Life, it is when you sit in a chair or dance on dance pad for a few dollars for a certain number of minutes.

Second Life has wonderful search window. I use it for everything. Back then I used it to find clubs that offered dance pads for camping. Flashbacks was seemed to have one of the better deals at $5L/10 minutes. I would just go there and dance all night while chatted with friends and acquaintances. I was also networking, making contacts and learning about how to earn Lindens. (That is what money is called in Second Life) Eventually I could afford to buy hair, shapes, skins and clothes. OMG, clothes are so cool in Second Life. Camping was not going to keep me in the lifestyle I desired. I needed a job.

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