Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thoughts on Second Life

I should get back to my biography but "stuff" keeps happening in Second Life that distracts me. Much of it causes me to stop and think about this world of Second Life. There are joys, pleasures and tragedies that happen here just as in Real Life.

There is such a wonderful diversity here. In a world where one can choose the appearance and construct whatever personality the choose, It fascinates me what people choose. Trust me, I am one of the most tolerant and accepting people you will meet. So I am only making observations here. I am not making judgements. In fact, I will be included in my observations.

One assumption. I make in all this is that "normal" people don't join Second Life and stick around. (I am not going to focus on what is "normal". That would be a First Life discussion. Out of the scope of my blog.)

Another assumption is that most friendships that develop in Second Life stay in Second Life. This has a significant effect on Second Life as a role playing game. Sorry, did I upset some of you when I called it a game? It has definitely evolved to something more I am not sure what to call it. Any suggestions?

More to come........

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